Monet is a portable virtual machine with native support for rich media. It is also a powerful rapid application development (RAD) tool to create a new breed of mobile applications. Applications built with Monet are portable, feature rich, highly interactive, with breathtaking user interface to compliment a smooth and exciting user experience.

Monet provides tools to help you create customized virtual machine with extended APIs. Instead of building a single program, with Monet you build a platform!

Monet is a revolutionary software development and deployment platform

  • Monet embeddable software engine
  • Monet scripting language and component framework
  • Monet integrated development environment (IDE)
  • SIMONE applet player
  • Monet agent (OTA)

Turtle and Rabbit
A “transmission/scheduling” algorithm which allows maximum usage of bandwidth during video streaming. It is CODEC neutral.

Methods and System for Transmitting Interactive Contents
An interactive delivery and access of contents between content providers and mobile devices.

PageView, a web SEARCH on mobile devices
The present invention relates to a method, an apparatus and a system for web search. In particular, it relates to a method, an apparatus and a system for web searches on mobile devices.

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