Live/Recorded Broadcast

What is Live/Recorded Broadcast?

Live/Recorded Broadcast is a cost effective solution to bring video footages of events (indoor oroutdoor) to the internet world. It is achieved via leading edge mesh computing technology.

NAT Transversal

Distributed STUNT (Simple Traversal of UDP Through NATs and TCP)

Video Viewer

  • Web base ActiveX control that playback the channel in Internet Explorer
  • Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget for easy viewing
  • Viewer for embeded platform such as Set Top Box to view the channels directly on TV
  • Embeded viewer in other website using SayaTV embeded tag

Broadcaster Client

  • Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista software
  • Broadcast media sources from WMV/WMA playlist, HTTP/MMS streams and Video Capture devices such as Web camera, MiniDV Video Recorder and TV Tuner capture card
  • Broadcaster for embeded platform to broadcast WMV/WMA files without PC

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