Blue Beamer

A Bluetooth platform that sends content from PC to Bluetooth enabled devices such as mobile phones,PDAs.   

Two main Goals:

    • Reach out to customers in a direct way.
    • Fast and effective way of reaching out to customers.

How Bluebeamer works?

  • Bluebeamer works in a way simple which is cost effective and permission-based:
    1. Customers with Bluetooth enabled-devices enters into Bluetooth hotspots to enjoy the exclusive contents in any form ie Text or Photo and even Video.
    2. Customers can choose whether to accept the content.
  • There is No duplication of content will be sent as our system checks out the list of customers which contents are sent.
  • LIVE Reports of contents status are available.

A new form of mobile marketing

  • Event Coupons(ie, vouchers, goodies,etc)
  • Short Video Clips(ie,parties, preview trailer)
  • Images(Advertising purposes)

Click here to know more about Bluetooth

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