Radica Intimate

Radica Intimate (RI) is a personalized email marketing software that supports marketers to execute permission-based email marketing tactics, without spamming their customers. By better understanding of customer’s behaviour and distributing the relevant content in both email marketing campaigns and newsletters, marketers are able to create an intimate and long-lasting relationship through the personalized communication with the customer.

RI emphasizes providing a highly user-friendly interface for marketers to create, execute and manage their email campaigns. In addition, RI carries a set of features that optimize email delivery and tracking of the campaign in real-time

Our Customers

Our customers include Global Sources, Hong Kong Tourism Board, BEA, Cannon, Next Media, HKU School, Sony, PCCW, Prudential, NEC, CTM, Zurich, Epson, NWT, BUPA, LeMeridien, Sime Darby, Chanel, Holiday Inn, Autotoll, The Swank, Melani, Sunflower, Oracle, SaSa.com, Classified Post, Lee Kum Kee, Swire Properties. Government and non commercial clients include Trade and Industry Department of China, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Hong Kong Ministry of Education.

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Bluetooth Phonecam

TURN ON the Bluetooth Webcam in your Phone! The ONE and ONLY Toy you MUST have!

ETI brings you the FIRST in our innovative range of PowerToys, FlyCam. It has all that it takes to bring out the VIDEO power from your Symbian Series 60 phones.

No more wires! Imagine the Freedom and Fun when messaging with your friends!

With FlyCam, it turns your Symbian handphone into a high quality portable Real-time video cam to enhance your chatting.

It transforms your Bluetooth Camera phone into a PC-compatible webcam that’s 100% compatible with all camera applications for MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Netmeeting, etc.

No need to buy another piece of gadget, just install IT into your phone. It is easily one of the most affordable web cams!

MORE benefits!

  • Crystal Clear and Sharp Images
  • Makes full use of the series 60 Mega pixel camera.
  • Smooth QVGA Size Video
  • Creates Ultra smooth 320×240 video.
  • Audio (Coming SOON!)
    Includes Audio capability to deliver True multimedia communication.

(Note: Works with Windows XP)

Live/Recorded Broadcast

What is Live/Recorded Broadcast?

Live/Recorded Broadcast is a cost effective solution to bring video footages of events (indoor oroutdoor) to the internet world. It is achieved via leading edge mesh computing technology.

NAT Transversal

Distributed STUNT (Simple Traversal of UDP Through NATs and TCP)

Video Viewer

  • Web base ActiveX control that playback the channel in Internet Explorer
  • Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget for easy viewing
  • Viewer for embeded platform such as Set Top Box to view the channels directly on TV
  • Embeded viewer in other website using SayaTV embeded tag

Broadcaster Client

  • Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista software
  • Broadcast media sources from WMV/WMA playlist, HTTP/MMS streams and Video Capture devices such as Web camera, MiniDV Video Recorder and TV Tuner capture card
  • Broadcaster for embeded platform to broadcast WMV/WMA files without PC


Mobile Games


Flash Games

Air Hockey

How to play:

    1. Left, Right arrow keys
  1. Move mallet. The speed you move the mallet determines the strength.


Grab the ball with your mouse and release.


How to play :

    1. navigate your snake with left and right arrows keys.
    1. Avoid walls.
  1. Your snake gets bigger by each apple eaten.


Blue Beamer

A Bluetooth platform that sends content from PC to Bluetooth enabled devices such as mobile phones,PDAs.   

Two main Goals:

    • Reach out to customers in a direct way.
    • Fast and effective way of reaching out to customers.

How Bluebeamer works?

  • Bluebeamer works in a way simple which is cost effective and permission-based:
    1. Customers with Bluetooth enabled-devices enters into Bluetooth hotspots to enjoy the exclusive contents in any form ie Text or Photo and even Video.
    2. Customers can choose whether to accept the content.
  • There is No duplication of content will be sent as our system checks out the list of customers which contents are sent.
  • LIVE Reports of contents status are available.

A new form of mobile marketing

  • Event Coupons(ie, vouchers, goodies,etc)
  • Short Video Clips(ie,parties, preview trailer)
  • Images(Advertising purposes)

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ETI Camcorder

Create your own video easily now! With a mobile phone that contains a build-in camcorder, you can easily get video clips recorded in 3GP (.3gp) format that does not support further editing.

What a waste to all the video records at the wedding, the cake smashing scene taken at your birthday and the beach party candid shot you took with your mobile phone. How you wish to make something unique out of these videos. Like adding text within the video; merging two or more videos together and adding fancy effects etc.

Camcorder is here to make a difference. With easy navigation pad and great recording functions, Camcorder allows you to record all your precious moments in AVI (.avi) format that enables video editing to take place with freewares like ZS4 that are easily available. On top of that, easy playback on the PC can be done with Window Media Player.


  • Video quality setting : PC, Phone, Editing
  • PC Mode – Best for PC playback. Video file size is bigger than Phone Mode recorded video. It has the best balance between quality and smoothness.
  • Phone Mode – Best for mobile phone playback. File size is small therefore suitable for storage in mobile phone for playback.
  • Editing Mode – Produce the best video quality that is suitable for video editing. But video smoothness not as good as compared to PC mode and Phone mode.
  • Frame rate: 8 fps

General Features: Record

  • Recorded audio video clips are saved as AVI (.avi) files in phone memory or memory Card
  • Support simultaneous audio video recording
  • Output file size is compatible with MMSC : 50, 75, 100, 150 kB
  • Unlimited file size mode
  • Start, Pause, Resume, Stop commands while recording

Play back

  • Video album with thumbnails supporting functionality such as Play, Copy, Delete and Clip details.
  • Recorded AVI files can be attached to MMS and e-mail or sent via IR or Bluetooth to PC.

Personalized Skin

Be the most fashionable tech-walker to walk on the street with your own unique camcorder dressed up by your own creativity. Get yourself involved by contributing great designs to Camcorder Club now!


Monet Tv

What is Monet TV?

Monet TV is a cool service that allows you to enjoy multimedia video content on your mobile phone. With a familiar and intuitive user interface, you will find it very simple to watch your favourite videos just like watching TV!

What are the benefits of Monet TV?

    • Experience TV on mobile phone
    • Access to exclusive and exciting video content
    • Rich multimedia user experience
    • High quality multimedia content
    • Easy accessible video content
    • Highly interactive

Mobile Podcast


A Java application on your mobile phone that allows you to listen to podcasts from audio portals.
Its user-friendly interface lets you browse, select and download podcasts easily.


    • Playback audio files on your mobile phone.
    • Save your favorite podcasts in the mobile phone or memory card.
    • View detailed information about the podcast you’re listening to : Artist name/ podcast description.
    • Search podcast titles quickly with the easy-to-use interface.
    • Podcast files are DRM protected.
    • User interface is appealing.

System Requirements

    • Java-enabled mobile phone
    • Support for mp3 playback
    • GPRS connection
    • Heap size of 500KB and above

Interactive Multimedia Platform

What are the benefits of Interactive Multimedia Platform?

    • NO MORE Blogging with PC
    • EASIER uploading of contents (Photos/Videos/Postings) though mobile phone
    • Generate LIVE REPORT of Page Views
    • Readers will be ALERTED for Latest Updates
    • Most popular blog VOTING by the readers – each IP address applicable to SINGLE vote
    • LIVE Shoutbox for questions/ messages from readers
    • INTERACTION greatly IMPROVE with comment section after each posting

Delivery of Multimedia Blog

    • Number of Readers greatly INCREASED
    • HIGHER Page views/ comments/ shouts
    • Interactive IMPROVED tremendously